make a magnifying glass

Make a Magnifying Glass

In just a few easy steps, this tutorial will show you how to make a magnifying glass that will add flair to your office. I’ll show you how I turned the handle and assembled the magnifying glass which comes in a convenient kit. This will make a great turning...

Bluebird House2

Make a Bluebird House

If you’ve wanted to know how to make a bluebird house, then this tutorial is for you. Making birdhouses is a blast. And it’s a good feeling to know you’ve created a good, clean home for one of God’s special creatures. To make a bluebird house you only need...

how to make a bottle stopper

How to Make Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers are fun and easy to make. I made the two bottle stoppers you see in the picture above. The one on the left is made of cherry and the one on the right is walnut. I’m not a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy a meal...

proud to be an american crafts

Proud To Be An American Crafts

With July 4th quickly approaching, I thought I would share a few crafts that exhibit that great American spirit and pride. Yes, pride—we should hold our heads high my friends! Many thanks to the men and women who gave their lives in service for our country. America continues to...


Handmade American Patriot Pens

A while back I made the American Patriot Pens pictured above. This is a pen kit produced by Penn State Industries. Below, I will show you some pics of me making an American Patriot Pen, the acrylic one in the center. Acrylic is a different material than wood. You...