how to make an antique pepper mill grinder

How to Make an Antique Pepper Mill

I just love woodturning! There are a host of things you can make on a wood lathe, and today I want to share my latest woodturning project — How to Make an Antique Pepper Mill. I used my Jet mini lathe, the same one I use for making writing...


Paracord Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

I’ve been eyeing several wine bottle bird feeder designs over the past few months, and I decided to come up with my own variation — the paracord wine bottle bird feeder. This is a combination wood and paracord project as you will see. Easy and lots of fun to...

birdhouse renovation

Birdhouse Renovation – Making a Bird Happy Again

Hopefully you got a copy of my recent Bluebird house tutorial. In that tutorial I used an old dilapidated birdhouse as my model. In this post I will show you how I took that old Bluebird house and performed a total makeover. I hope you enjoy my birdhouse renovation....

make a magnifying glass

Make a Magnifying Glass

In just a few easy steps, this tutorial will show you how to make a magnifying glass that will add flair to your office. I’ll show you how I turned the handle and assembled the magnifying glass which comes in a convenient kit. This will make a great turning...

Bluebird House2

Make a Bluebird House

If you’ve wanted to know how to make a bluebird house, then this tutorial is for you. Making birdhouses is a blast. And it’s a good feeling to know you’ve created a good, clean home for one of God’s special creatures. To make a bluebird house you only need...