Bandsaw pen box

Make a Bandsaw Pen Box

I’ve been wanting to make a bandsaw box ever since I watched Steve Ramsey’s DIY video. David Piciuto also has some nice bandsaw box videos over at Watching those videos inspired me and instilled in me hope that bandsaw boxes weren’t that hard to make. They’re not, as...

cedar spoon

Lathe Turned Cedar Spoon

I love finding discarded wood lying around waiting to be changed into something that serves mankind. I almost forgot I had this nice piece of eastern red cedar. It leaned against my shed, originally destined to become a fence post. I saved it from that fate and decided to...

simple retaining wall

How to Build a Simple Retaining Wall

Within the last year or two, I was able to finish my first two retaining walls, and I just love how these turned out. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a simple retaining wall. My first project was a fire pit and a patio combination...

DIY Lowes Serving Tray

DIY Lowe’s Serving Tray

It’s amazing how and where inspiration strikes. My mom and dad recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary — a tremendous feat in this day and time. I had thought about making them a serving tray with a wood burned message and searched all over Pinterest for ideas. One day...

DIY gift for mom

DIY Gift for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I want to show you a short tutorial on a DIY gift for mom. I recently made this gift for my mom. Moms are special, so why not make her a special and unique gift. I love woodburning because you can...