make something for the troops

Make Something For The Troops Challenge

Hope you are doing well. The Fall weather has been perfect here in Georgia; chilly in the morning, with a good rest-of-the-day warmup. A while back I was visiting the Woodcraft website and noticed their Turn For Troops Event being held November 10-11th. This event marks the coming of...

finding wood for your diy projects

Finding Wood for Your DIY Projects

In this article about finding wood for your DIY projects, I will talk about different sources of wood and some of the pros and cons that come with those sources. This is a question I often get asked, and, in my project tutorials, I make it a point to...

coffee pour over stand diy

Coffee Pour Over Stand DIY

I recently saw several coffee pour over stands on Pinterest and thought this would be a cool and easy project to make. I hope you enjoy the coffee pour over stand DIY tutorial. I will show you step-by-step how to make one. Only a few tools are needed and...

hand carved wooden spatula tutorial

Hand Carved Wooden Spatula Tutorial

In this hand carved wooden spatula tutorial, I will show you how I transformed a piece of olive board into a beautiful kitchen utensil. All you need are a few carving tools and a jigsaw. A little time. A little patience. But, oh, what a reward when you’re done....

how to care for wooden utensils

How to Care for Wooden Utensils

If you’ve looked around my site only briefly, you probably caught on that I love making wooden kitchen utensils — cutting boards, trays, spoons, honey dippers, spatulas, etc. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to care for wooden utensils so they will last for generations. I’ll...