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10 Essential Gift Ideas for the DIYer

If only I had such and such tool? A common question we DIYers ask usually right in the middle of a project. In this article I’m going to share 10 essential gift ideas for the DIYer. These are tools that come in handy time and time again. They are versatile and relatively inexpensive. These will make excellent gifts for the woodworker, hobbyist or DIYer in you life.

  1. Dremel Rotary Tool. I turn to this tool very often. I use it for grinding metal, for routing wood, for sanding and shaping wood. It also came in very handy when I used to make pinewood derby cars with my son. There are numerous attachments and bits that make this tool extremely versatile.
  2. Bosch Cordless Drill. I’ve had my Bosch cordless drill for about 5 years now and have been very pleased with its quality and power. I use it a lot for making my wooden writing pens, but it’s also very versatile when you have outdoor projects. Just a few weeks ago, I used it to attach a birdhouse to a tree. No cords, no worries. Comes with 2 batteries so you can continue to swap them around as one is always charging.
  3. Kreg Jig. If you want to improve the looks and quality of your wood joints when making a box or some furniture, the Kreg Jig will help you achieve that. Very easy to use.
  4. Belt Sander from Harbor Freight. I recently bought this belt sander from Harbor Freight for $50, and I use it quite frequently. My other belt sander is a Ryobi and it’s a combo disc / belt sander. I love both of these sanders and use them on just about every project I do. They create a lot of dust, so make sure you pick up a dust mask too.
  5. The Mouse Sander. This sander, made by Black & Decker will help you with all kinds of sanding projects. It’s small and fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand. You can buy sandpaper that’s pre-cut and easily detaches and attaches to the sander. This sander is great especially for smaller size projects.
  6. Adjustable T-Square. On just about all my projects, I need to use a t-square. Every shop and DIYer will need one of these babies. If you want your boards to be square and fit right, you need to have a t-square.
  7. C-clamps. There are several different clamps out there, and I believe I have one of each kind. But the staple C-clamp everyone uses. These clamps come in so handy for holding work pieces down. I even use a C-clamp for doing brakes on my car. They get their name from sharing the same shape as the letter “C”. I recommend having about 3 to 4 c-clamps and 6 or 8 inch are good sizes.
  8. Bessey Parallel Clamps. From time to time you’ll need to glue boards together and to do that you need some type of bar clamp. I have used the Bessey clamps several times when I’m making cutting boards. You can get these at Home Depot. I like these because they lay flat on your table or bench. Very easy to use and dependable.
  9. Delta Bench grinder. I use the bench grinder for sharpening my wood turning chisels. But if you have anything made of metal that you need to sharpen or grind down, this is the tool you need. You can buy or create jigs that will assist you in getting the right angle for your grinds. Mine also comes with a handy light attachment, and it’s variable speed.
  10. Dewalt Jigsaw. This saw comes in handy all the time. It cuts well and the blades are easy to change. You can’t beat the quality of Dewalt tools.

    I hope this list of tool ideas was helpful. I’ve owned and used these tools for a number of years. Please feel free to comment and tell us about the tools you can’t live without.


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