training resources for pen turners

37 Training Resources for Pen Turners


When it comes to learning any new hobby, I love to take advantage of all available resources. And that especially applies to my pen turning hobby. For this post, I’m sharing 37 training resources for pen turners. Help and training are not far away. In fact, it’s right at your fingertips or perhaps just down the street.

Everyone learns a little differently. Some of us are visual learners, some auditory, and some learn better by hands-on. The 37 resources I’ve listed below offer a variety of ways to learn. Like anything, learning to turn pens takes practice. Don’t be discouraged if you fail some. We can all learn from our own mistakes and hearing about the mistakes of others.

Hope you enjoy! And I welcome your suggestions to expand this list and make it even better.

Online Forums & Groups

Lots to learn from these groups, and you may even pick up a few new friends. These forums offer free advice for all pen turners from beginner to advanced.


Individuals (like myself) create websites to help people learn about the craft of pen turning. These people can be very valuable and accessible if you have questions.


There’s tons of stuff on the internet, but I put a lot of stock into books. Normally, more research and time went into creating a book. And most books go through some type of vetting and editing process, so someone saw value in the book and agreed to publish it.


Perhaps you want more hands-on training. You probably have a woodworking store not that far away that offers affordable classes on pen turning. Here you get firsthand help and advice.

Magazines (paper and online)

These contain some of the latest tips and trends on pen turning. Articles are normally written by experienced woodworkers.

One of my favorite turning magazines was Woodturning Designs, but I think they no longer publish. However, you might be able to purchase back orders.

DVD and Online Videos

Some of these you can purchase and many are available online for free. YouTube channels abound with woodworking videos. I enjoy videos. Probably because I’m a visual learner. And unlike going to a class, you can rewind a video and watch it over and over again.

Shows and Conferences

Can you say road trip! Some of you would probably enjoy traveling and meeting passionate pen turners from around the country.

Clubs and Associations

Maybe you like to learn in a more social fashion. And you like the fellowship and camraderie of other woodworkers. These associations normally have hundreds of chapters across the U.S.

Thanks again for reading this post. If you see a link that’s not working, please shoot me an email. If you would like to suggest additional resources, please let me know or leave it in the comments field. I will do my best to add it to the list. Perhaps you have a website that teaches new and advanced pen turners. Feel free to share.

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Happy Woodworking!

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3 comments on “37 Training Resources for Pen Turners

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  2. Mack

    Excellent collection of resources for beginning pen turners like myself. I’ve made two pens, twenty-two mistakes already, and learned that my children will most likely NOT have an inheritance now that I’ve fallen victim to this turning disease. Thanks for taking the time to compile this article for people like myself. Much appreciated!

    1. Scott Johnson

      I feel your pain about the turning disease – LOL. Thanks for the comment! You’re very welcome.