More Antler Craft Ideas From Pinterest

Pinterest has become a favorite site for stirring my creative juices. Besides the antler craft ideas I shared in a previous post, I wanted to provide you some additional project ideas I found on Pinterest. I’m continually amazed at the way people use antlers for decoration, jewelry, and many functional crafts. My personal favorite is the handmade pen like the one pictured below.

Click on the antler craft ideas listed below and the links will take you to the website where the idea originated. Please comment on the ones you like the most. And feel free to share your favorite antler crafts.
Coffee mug holder

Christmas wreath

European mount lamp base

Antler and wood wedding band

Decorative antler whistles

Deer antler wind chimes

Deer antler cork screw

Antler jewelry

Fire Steel with antler handle

Antler bottle openers