coca cola crate spice rack

Coca Cola Crate Spice Rack


In my previous post, I briefly described a recent visit to a local antique store called Collectors’ Corner. My daughter had made a special request for me to make her a spice rack for her college apartment. So I got to thinking — antique crate. Only, I thought that I was going to have to run it through the table saw, reconstruct it somehow, and touch it up with fresh paint.

But I came across a beautiful Coca Cola Crate (pictured below). I tried to talk them down on the $40 price. I know — I probably paid too much, but this crate was in excellent condition. When I brought it home, my daughter and I decided not to alter it.  All I did was add some picture hanging hardware to the back, and I had me a coca cola crate spice rack. I think the picture above says it all.

coca cola crate spice rack coca cola crate spice rack

Please share your comments about the coca cola crate spice rack in the fields below. What other ways could a coca cola crate be repurposed?