24 crafts that use antler

24 Crafts That Use Deer Antler

A truly amazing material, deer antler can be used to make several different crafts and projects. In this article, I will share 24 craft ideas for deer antler crafts

Do the Deer Care?

Worried about the deer? Don’t be. You see, the male deer naturally sheds his antlers each winter. A quick online search, and you will find people who enjoy finding antler sheds and selling them. Note, however, that the laws vary from state to state regarding the sale of antler sheds or antler products. But many states, including my sweet Georgia, allow it.

Finding Deer Antler

If you like the outdoors, you might enjoy getting out around February and looking for your own sheds. Trust me though, it’s not always that easy to find them. Another place to search might be yard sales, flea markets, or places that process deer meat. Check out my latest post called, Where Can I Find Deer Antler? to learn more about procuring deer antler for your crafts.

I’ve used antler for several different crafts, and here are some ideas for deer antler crafts I’ve saved up over the years. The ones with the hyperlinks will take you to antler tutorials I have created on this site.

24 Craft Ideas for Deer Antler Crafts

Handmade writing pens
Lamb stands
Basket handles
Business card stands
Scout neckerchief slide
Game pieces–Chess or Checkers
Game calls
Bottle opener handles
Key rings (use antler tips)
Knife handles
Fire Striker/Starter
Drawer handles
Jewelry (antler rings)
Salt & pepper shakers
Hiking stick handles
Picture frames
Letter openers
Refrigerator magnets
Napkin holders
Carvings and scrimshaw
Back scratchers
Coat or hat racks

Getting Educated About Deer Antlers

Want to learn a ton more about this marvelous material called deer antler? You might want to take a minute and get a copy of the book: Antlers: A Guide to Collecting, Scoring, Mounting, and Carving

Recommended Antler Craft Tools

Here are a few tools that I find very helpful when shaping and working deer antler. I’m not saying you need all these tools, but they definitely make the job easier.

Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool Kit
Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit
Generic Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander
Micro Mesh Sanding Sheets
Craftsman 12-Inch Heavy Duty Hacksaw
CA Glue (Medium) 4 oz Bottle
3M(TM) Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly Medium
Safety Glasses
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool Woodburner

Some of My Antler Projects

Pictured below are several of my deer antler crafts that I made in my shop. I love the durability of deer antler and I love the rustic or outdoorsy theme it brings to my crafts.

What about you? Can you add other deer antler crafts to the list? What have you been creating with deer antler?

(BTW – Are you also into woodworking? If so, please check out some of resources and tutorials I’ve create. Examples – Pen Turning: A Comprehensive Guide and Easy Woodworking Projects for the Kitchen. These are just a couple of the many woodworking plans and tutorials you’ll find here)







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