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Handmade Pens: Gifts for Graduates


Both of these pens strike me as perfect gifts for graduates. What a great way to reward a graduate with something classy and unique.

I made both of these pens on my Jet Mini Lathe. The woods were turned and then finished with a friction polish. The pen to the left is made from Bocote wood and the one to the right is Cocobolo. Both of these woods are my personal favorites.

If you want to make the pen to the left, you can get that kit from Penn State Pens. It’s called the Majestic Pen Kit. Here is the instruction sheet that gives you more details on kit parts, along with part numbers.

The kit on the right is called the Wallstreet II Kit. Here is the instruction sheet for the Wallstreet II. I purchased the Wallstreet II from Woodcraft.

These pens a very classy looking and have a smooth transmission for the ink refill. Not only are they great gifts for graduates, but I could also see these being a fine gifts for doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professers, pastors, and that special father in your life.

I don’t have a tutorial on these pens yet, but if you attempt to make one, feel free to contact me with any questions. Also, I’d be glad to make you one. Contact me for a quote.

Here are a couple more pics:

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