Home Projects

Here are several projects you can make for your home. Whether it’s home improvement, home decor, or a functional item, these projects are fun to make and should add value to your home.

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handmade ring box

Make a Handmade Ring Box

Heres a great gift for any season of the year. A cool home decor piece and very practical way to store your rings.

turning a lidded box

Turn a Lidded Box

This is a classic wood turning project that can have several uses. Store your rings or other small items in these beautiful lidded boxes.

coffee pour over stand diy

Coffee Pour Over Stand

Nice project for the coffee lovers. These make a wonderful cup of coffee. Enjoy!

DIY Lowes serving tray

DIY Serving Tray

Heres a great tray you can make to carry your meals around the house. I have made this one for my Mom & Dad’s 50th anniversary. Used a wood burner to personalize it.

industrial pipe wine rack

Industrial Pipe Wine Rack

Are you a wine lover? Heres a cool project that combines wood and industrial pipes. A fun way to store your wine bottles around your home.

Make a Wooden Box Lantern

Here’s a great box lantern project that’s easy to make. Looks great on your porch or anywhere inside your house.

Bandsaw pen box

Make a Bandsaw Box

I made this bandsaw box to store a pen, but it can just as easily be used to store a pocket knife, jewelry, or a watch.

Business Card Holder

This project will look great in anyone’s office.

antler letter opener tutorial

Make A Letter Opener

Here’s another great project for your home and office. This letter opener is made from antler and the handle is laminated hardwood.

make a cherry bowl

Make a Cherry Bowl

Another wood turning classic. I turned and finished this bowl on my mini lathe. I gave this to my wife and she uses it to hold candy.