How To Make A Wooden Writing Pen


In this article, I will show you how to make a wooden writing pen.  For several years now, I’ve enjoyed turning wooden pens.  It’s one of the coolest hobbies I’ve had, and I love giving these pens away to friends, family, and coworkers.  And a few I will sell from time to time.

Above and below are sample pictures of fountain pens that I make primarily from wood, but also from other materials. Because of new technology, I realize that the fountain pen is becoming a somewhat obsolete tool. So, I was pleased to come across a pen kit that bridges the gap between old-school writing pens and tablets. The pen pictured above is a twist style pen made from Bethlehem Olive from the Holy Land. Note that one end is a regular fountain pen and the other is an iPad stylus. This wooden pen was a pleasure to make.

For my second official post, I want share a quick tutorial on how to make this wooden writing pen.  To do that, I am referring you to a website slated just for creative people who want to share their ideas and talents with the world. It’s called Snapguide. Snapguide uses primarily a graphic format, allowing the author to instruct through pictures or videos rather than lengthy text.

I created one called How to Make a Wooden Pen. My guide takes you through the steps on how to make these beautiful pens. Hope you enjoy. Please take a minute and check this out. Would love to hear your feedback.  I will show you how to make more of these unique crafts in future posts.

How about you? How are you sharing your creative efforts with the world?

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