how to make a bottle stopper

How to Make Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers are fun and easy to make. I made the two bottle stoppers you see in the picture above. The one on the left is made of cherry and the one on the right is walnut. I’m not a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy a meal with a nice glass of wine every now and then. If you don’t partake, no problem. These can also be used for vinegarette bottles or olive oil bottles. You can learn how to make wine bottle stoppers by visiting my latest instructable: How to Make Wine Bottle Stoppers

You’ve probably heard about the website Instructables, but if you haven’t I encourage you to visit. There is a whole section on woodworking. You’ll also see sections on home improvement, crafts, and DIY projects. I will post most of my tutorials here, but I have been posting a few tutorials on the Instructables site.

Wine bottle stoppers make great gifts. You can find the kits and the wood at stores like Woodcraft or Rockler. Amazon also carries these along with the special mandrel you’ll need. Here are some links to where you can purchase the bottle stopper cone kit and the turning mandrel.

Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper cone (Amazon)
Bottle Opener Turning Mandrel (Amazon)
Bottle stopper cone kit (stainless steel) (Woodcraft)

Here are a few pics of me making the wine bottle stopper:

wine bottle stoppers

Selecting the Blank

wine bottle stopper

Bottle Stopper Mandrel

wine bottle stopper

Turning On the Lathe

wine bottle stopper

Sanding and Finishing

wine bottle stoppers

Mounting the Handle

Again, check out my instructable to get the full tutorial.

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