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Make A Hiking Stick Paracord Wrap


Okay, my kids love to tease me about making bracelets. They’re paracord bracelets, I try to tell them. My man jewelry or, as I often say, one of my man crafts. Anyway, there are several other things you can make with paracord, like a hiking stick paracord wrap. It looks nice, and it helps you better grip your hiking stick.

Maybe your kids will be more impressed than mine, but I found this to be a fun project. I used the spiral hitch to make the wrap, and it looks very decorative. You can use the spiral hitch handle wrap for many things. Tie it on your hatchet handle, a flashlight, yard rake, fishing rod handle, literally anything that’s round.

What you will need:

550lb Type III Paracord
Lighter (adult supervision required)
Sharp scizzors
Hiking stick, flashlight, or whatever

You may be asking: how much Paracord? It depends on the circumference of your hiking stick and how long you want the wrap to be. The hiking stick in this tutorial has a circumference of 4 inches. So I figured I needed 36 inches of paracord for every 1 inch of wrap. Your hiking stick might vary from mine. Just experiment.

Another helpful resource:

Grab a copy of the book — Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects. Amazon has over 200 positive reviews on this book and full of fascinating paracord projects. It takes you step-by-step through the process of making bracelets, lanyards, pouches, straps, slings, etc. View on Amazon

And now — on to the tutorial:

In steps 1 to 4 below, I start my hiking stick paracord wrap with a clove hitch knot. You could also start this with a simple overhand knot.

Step 1 – Start the clove hitch knot

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 2

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 3

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 4 – Complete the clove hitch and cinch tight around the hiking stick.

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 5 – Wrap the paracord around the back of the stick as pictured and pull it through the loop you just created.

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 6 – Continue Step 5 over and over until you’ve reached the desired length of your hiking stick wrap.

hiking stick paracord wrap

Step 7 You can finish the wrap a couple of ways. The way I did it (the first picture below) was to trim the paracord ends with some sharp scizzors and singe the ends. In the next to last picture, I show you an alternate way. Leave about 6 to 7 inches of excess paracord on both ends of the wrap and then just tie those together. This creates a loop that can go around your wrist. Incidently, the loop comes in handy when you are doing some climbing and have to turn loose of the hiking stick.

hiking stick paracord wrap

hiking stick paracord wrap

Pictured below is a wrap I did for another hiking stick. Here, I used a Desert Storm Camo color.

hiking stick paracord wrap

Learn about more projects in a great book called Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects. Learn more about this book on Amazon. Click on the photo below to learn more:

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this tutorial. I hope it helps you. Please share your thoughts in the comment field below. And, feel free to share this tutorial with your kids, your friends, your scout troop, or whoever.

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  1. Fishlux

    worked beautifully! Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Scott Johnson

      I’m glad the tutorial was helpful!

  2. Steve burkhart

    was clueless on how to do this til I saw this site. easy simple instructions and remarkable results. thanks

    1. Scott Johnson

      I’m glad this tutorial helped you! Thanks for the comments.