hand carved wooden spatula tutorial

Hand Carved Wooden Spatula Tutorial

In this hand carved wooden spatula tutorial, I will show you how I transformed a piece of olive board into a beautiful kitchen utensil. All you need are a few carving tools and a jigsaw. A little time. A little patience. But, oh, what a reward when you’re done....

how to care for wooden utensils

How to Care for Wooden Utensils

If you’ve looked around my site only briefly, you probably caught on that I love making wooden kitchen utensils — cutting boards, trays, spoons, honey dippers, spatulas, etc. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to care for wooden utensils so they will last for generations. I’ll...

hand carved wooden coffee scoop tutorial

Hand Carved Wooden Coffee Scoop Tutorial

In this hand carved wooden coffee scoop tutorial, I show you how to make a coffee scoop out of walnut. In recent months, I’ve fallen in love with carving and making wooden spoons and scoops. In this tutorial, I’ve set aside all power tools except for the jigsaw. Carving...

industrial pipe wine rack

Industrial Pipe Wine Rack

I love the combination of black pipe and wood, so when I saw this industrial pipe wine rack kit, I just had to make one. The kit runs around $38 dollars and the base is not included. It’s an easy woodworking / pipe project and requires only a few...

coffee scoop giveaway

Coffee Scoop Giveaway

Hey everyone. I wanted to make sure you got the scoop (excuse pun). I’m giving away a set of coffee scoops for the month of May. Looking at the photo above (left to right), I have a cherry coffee scoop, then a walnut scoop, and a metal scoop with...