Projects To Try

Below is a collection of tutorials and projects to try. I’ve tried to categorize these so you can easily get to a topic you like the most. If you have questions about a tutorial or not sure about a step, please use the contact page and send me an email. I’ll try to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

The biggest challenge with any project is getting started. I would encourage you to jump in and not worry about perfection. Always be familiar with your tools and wear the appropriate safety gear. You only have limited eyes, ears, and fingers, so please put safety first.

Woodworking – Kitchen

Learn how to make several projects that will enhance your kitchen. I’ve create tutorials for making things like bowls, cutting boards, bottle stoppers, serving trays, cheese boards, etc. Click the link above to view the tutorials.

Outdoor Projects

Who doesn’t want to make their backyard look spectacular? Some of these projects will require manual labor, but you’ll love the results. I’ve created tutorials for making fire pits, flagstone patios, birdhouses, etc. Click on the link above to view these tutorials.

Pen Turning Projects

This woodworking hobby continues to grow in popularity. I became hooked on this pursuit over 15 years ago. I highly recommend getting a wood lathe for these projects. But it’s not absolutely necessary. I’ll show you how to make click pens, twist pens, pens with special themes, unique pens, etc. Click on the link above to see these tutorials.

Paracord Projects

I think I fell in love with knot tying and paracord projects while a leader in Scouts. The possibilities for these projects are endless. I share a few projects here that are easy to do. You’ll learn how to make bracelets, dog leashes and more. Click the above link to access these fun projects.

Antler Projects

These antler projects may appeal more toward the outdoorsy types. But you don’t have to take an animal’s life to enjoy making these crafts. Deer shed their antlers annually and regrow them. Yes, it might take a little more creativity to find this natural material, but I show you how. You’ll learn how to make letter openers, whistles, basket handles, pens, and more. Click the link above and view these tutorials.

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