The Real Wood Bible – A Book Review

For those who work with wood,The Real Wood Bibleby Nick Gibbs would make a valuable addition to your library. Whether you sell your crafts or offer them as gifts, the story behind the wood makes a huge difference. People generally love a great story and love to discover more information behind the craft.

Recently I gave a few of my handmade pens away to some friends. At first, they weren’t all that impressed, but once I told them one wood was Bethlehem Olive from the Holy Land and another was an exotic wood from Africa, their interest turned 180 degrees.

Besides telling you where a wood is from, The Real Wood Bible also spells out the following things:

  • Type of wood – exotic, hardwood, softwood
  • Color, texture, grain patterns
  • Density, strength, durability
  • Usability in the workshop – is it difficult to work or easy?
  • What are the key uses – you’d be amazed at some of the uses.
  • Sustainability – is the wood rare, endangered, and how available is it?

The Real Wood Bible is a comprehensive guide to 100 decorative woods. The photography is top-notch and gives a true picture of the wood’s color and grain pattern. The book also gives advice on purchasing and storing lumber. It also talks about how trees are converted to boards and veneer.

The book in the picture above is my personal copy. I just wanted you to see that I really own a copy, and I do reference it fairly often. If you get a copy of the book, drop me a line and tell me what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments field. Take care for now, and see you around the workshop.

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