10 Quick and Easy Handmade Gift Ideas

I’m writing this post on December 3rd, so just a few more days left to Christmas Day. And there will be other holidays, birthdays, or special occasions where you want to give someone a unique gift, something you made by hand. To help you accomplish this (and make it...


Gifts For Men

  I recently turned a discarded block of wood into the pen pictured above. It’s called the Gearshift Pen. My son has been working the last few years on a project car, his 78 Chevy Camaro. It’s a sweet car, and this is a sweet PEN! This pen, along...


Win A Handmade American Patriot Pen

    Here is your opportunity to win one of my handmade American Patriot Pens.  These pens were turned on my lathe and assembled in my shop.  Each one is a $40 value. Winner will get to choose one of the three pens pictured above. To enter, just follow the instructions...