9 Amazingly Useful Books On Woodworking

  Are you looking to expand your woodworking education? Do you want to find some practical and affordable woodworking projects you can do over the weekend? Have you been hunting a nice gift for a woodworking friend or family member? If you say yes to any of those questions,...


Turning My First Wood Bowl

  I absolutely love the adventure of woodworking. I’m thankful to the Creator for giving us this abundant and useful resource we call wood. Think about what wood has meant to the progress of civilization over the centuries. Ok—I digress. This past weekend I decided to expand my woodworking...


5 Amazing Woodworking Hobbies

  Perhaps you’re retired and looking for ways to stay productive. Or you’re looking to fan into flame that creative spark inside you. Woodworking provides so many avenues for converting your ideas into useful and decorative tools, artwork, gifts, furniture—you name it. Below, I’ve listed 5 amazing woodworking hobbies...