12 Easy DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Easy DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Have you bought a gift for your mom yet? Mine is in her late 70’s, and it’s hard–at least for me–to find her that special gift. So sometimes I opt to make her something. To be honest, I don’t do this every year, but when I do, I usually go with crafts that are functional or bring beauty and happiness into her life. My daughter loves to make crafts for my mom also, normally in the way of paintings or drawings. Below, I’ve listed links to 12 easy DIY gifts for Mother’s Day. You can probably make them in one afternoon, using regular tools around the house.

  • Woodburned Spoons. Let your imagination go wild. Woodburning is easy, and you can google or search Pinterest for design ideas. This article will take you through some basic steps to create some unique spoons for your mom’s kitchen.
  • River Rock Paperweights Pick your mom’s favorite critter and use acrylic paints to decorate a river rock. I like to create ladybugs, frogs, and snakes. These make great paperweights or decorations. This article will tell you how to do it.
  • Butterfly House. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple butterfly house. Now your mom can attract these beautiful creatures and she can watch them through her dining room window. Also learn about various plants you can grow to feed butterflies.
  • Scrabble Coasters. Use Scrabble tiles to create one-of-a-kind coasters that your mom will love.
  • Wine Cork Trivet. Here’s a neat and simple project that Mom will enjoy for the supper table.
  • Bulb in a Jar. Follow this super easy tutorial on planting a Narcissus bulb in a Mason jar.
  • Horseshoe Cross Necklass. Easy to follow video tutorial on how to make a necklass, using wire and horseshoe nails.
  • Mason Jar Candle. Why spend a fortune on store-bought candles when you can make your own. Just follow this easy tutorial.
  • Easy Picture Frames. Make these picture frames from scrap wood. Easy to follow steps and directions.
  • Wind Chime Ideas. This article gives you 13 wind chime ideas along with tutorials.
  • Key Holder. Very creative idea for building a holder for your keys. Believe it or not, it incorporates used keys into the design. Very cool!
  • Mommy Survival Kit. An easy Mason jar gift idea you can customize for your mom’s needs. Also includes printables for decorating the jar.

I hope you were able to pick at least one of the ideas listed above. If you did, please leave us a comment. Also, let us know of other ideas you would recommend.

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