coffee scoop giveaway

Coffee Scoop Giveaway

Hey everyone. I wanted to make sure you got the scoop (excuse pun). I’m giving away a set of coffee scoops for the month of May. Looking at the photo above (left to right), I have a cherry coffee scoop, then a walnut scoop, and a metal scoop with an Olive wood handle. You can never have enough coffee scoops. These make great gifts, so if you win, you might want to share. But don’t feel guilty — keep all three if you like — LOL.

If you’d like to learn how to make a scoop, you can, of course, check out my free tutorial. And I’ve just released a Coffee Scoop YouTube video if you are into how-to videos. I invite you to subscribe to my channel if you like.

All of these scoops were made by me — in my shop and by hand. I’ve applied a food-safe, mineral oil finish. I think the scoop bowl is roughly 2 tablespoons.

Good luck!! I hope you decide to enter the coffee scoop giveaway and win. Below is a widget that will allow you to enter the contest. All combined, the scoops are about a $100 value. One winner will get all 3 scoops. I will pay for shipping. There is no obligation to buy anything from me. Please share and get the word out! Thanks!

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16 comments on “Coffee Scoop Giveaway

  1. Lisa DiCesare

    These are absolutely beautiful l Love them!

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Thank you!

  2. BrannDon

    Your contest entry doesn’t seem to be working. I keep trying and it says aw shucks we didn’t get your entry, try again…

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Not sure what’s going on there. On my side, I’m seeing others enter the giveaway. I would keep trying. You may need to clear your cache in your browser or try closing out of your browser and come back in.

  3. Alicia

    Beautiful Scoops! I like Pierce Bros. Coffee
    because its local, and air roasted.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Cool! I don’t think I’ve tried that brand before.

  4. Rust

    Gorgeous scoops! I’m Cajun and grew up drinking locally-made Community Coffee dark roast. It’s very good, as is their between roast and cafe blends. They’ve gone mainstream but down home we consider them family.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Thanks for sharing! I’ve had Community Coffee, and it was very good. Not sure if I’ve had their dark roast. My goto coffee now is Starbuck’s Sumatra dark roast.

  5. Annamarie V

    My favorite is Starbucks Cafe Verona or a good French roast.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      I’ve tried both of these. Really good coffee!

  6. Kristen

    My favorite is Peet’s Guatemala San Sebastian.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Cool! I’ve had Peet’s before. My daughter loves this kind.

  7. Laura B.

    I really like Starbucks Komodo Dragon.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Sounds good! I’ll have to give that one a try.

  8. William

    I like Hills Bros. Black Silk. The stronger the better. Can’t live with out my COFFEE. The scoops look great! Don’t know if I’d use them or display them.

    1. Stephen Johnson

      Thanks for the comment! I haven’t tried Hills Bros. before.