Safety Disclaimer

Woodworking and DIY hobbies are wonderful and fulfilling endeavors. Through my site, I hope to provide a foundation or introduction to many kinds of hobbies and projects. But I would be remiss not to mention that there are dangers and hazards associated with any woodworking or DIY project out there. Ever since man created the hammer and nail, there’s always been hazards present.

Let me state from the start that if you attempt to follow any of the tutorials or projects I show on this site, you do them at your own risk. I’m not a professional, but only a hobbiest passing on ideas and tips to other hobbiests. Information and techniques I show here can change, so I’m not responsible if that happens.

I assume you have some basic training or experience or skills to carry out the projects on this site. Your worksite conditions and tools will be different from mine, so I can’t guarantee that by following my instructions, you can exactly duplicate my results. So consider my instructions as a guide only.

For instruction purposes, I will sometimes set up a scene to shoot with my camera. Although I try, I don’t guarantee that each picture depicts the safest way to perform a step. Not every picture depicts the actual performance of a step.

Again, you must rely on your own training and knowledge of your own equipment. Read all the instructions that come with your equipment to make sure you understand how to operate them safely and effectively. When using any chemicals, make sure you read all labels to understand the hazards and application methods. If you feel uncomforable or uncertain about anything, stop and get some help. Get additional training or seek professional advice.

Wear all the recommended safety gear for each project. Typically all these projects require wearing ANSI approved eye protection, hearing protection, and a dust mask or respirator. This is not an all inclusive list as each project is slightly different. The instructions that come with your tools and/or chemicals will give you many specific safety tips and required safety gear not stated here. Follow those specific instructions.

The projects and information on this site are intended for adults only. Children can master many of these skills, but must have adult supervision.

Thanks for taking the time to read this disclaimer. With the proper training and proper knowledge you should be able to avert the known hazards that come with any DIY project. This will make your experience with woodworking and DIY projects much more enjoyable and fulfilling.