Get Into Beekeeping

My dad has been a beekeeper for over 3 decades now. I don’t keep bees myself, but I fondly remember helping my dad with his hobby during my teenage years. In a minute, I’m going to point you to an interview I did with my dad about beekeeping. Hopefully, it will give you some tips to get you started with this unusual and rewarding hobby.

Beekeeping is both an interesting and challenging hobby. Besides learning about God’s wonderful honeybee, you also reap the reward of the sweet honey. Over the years, Dad has found a way to sell the honey and plow those revenues back into his hobby. Raw honey is seen by many as a huge health benefit. It tastes delicious and flavors vary depending on what plants the bees are visiting. Plus it’s cool to buy honey from a beekeeper in your local community.

Okay, without further ado, I give you the interview with my dad, the beekeeper: Go To The Honeybee.

Feel free to leave comments or questions about this hobby in the comments field below. And if you are a beekeeper, feel free to share your insights.


My dad’s bee farm


My dad’s honey