Who Let The Dog Crafts Out?


You might think the dog in the above picture is a candidate for another pet adoption commercial. What I think he’s trying to say is, “make me a doggy craft.”

Actually, the canine pictured above is Leo, and he strayed into our yard one pleasant Georgia day around Christmas break. We adopted him for a brief time until we discovered Leo had a chip, and we reunited him with his owners. My daughter was so sad, but we soon replaced that sadness with joy by getting her a beagle puppy.

The folks over at Paw Mane Fin recently shared an article called 32 DIY Dog Crafts. They were gracious enough to include my tutorial on how to make a paracord dog leash.

I would encourage you to check out their article on dog crafts. Lots of clever ideas here, and most of them are easy to make. One of my favorites was taking an antique crate and turning it into a dog feeder. Another good one is how to repurpose old furniture into a dog crate.

While you’re there, check out a host of other articles on animals and pets. Their site is very informative and has quite a community of animal lovers. I particularly enjoyed the sections on Lifestyle and Science. Here were a few articles I thought were amazing:

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Choosing the Right Horse for You In 7 Steps

Feel free to share your impressions of the article in the comments field and let us know if you have a favorite doggy craft.